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4 Texture Sets for Summer
Some free textures for Star's Summer.
 Required files: Star

Sabbaths for Lil Star Witch
I made some textures for the Lil Star Witch. You will get nearly 2 sets for each Sabbath.
8 Hat, 15 Arm, 16 each for top, bloomers, boots & socks....and you can also just use them for some fantasy renders.
Required files:  Star:
                 Lil Star Witch

Star Blossom-Bright

Here is 5full bright sets for Blossom.Red, purple yellow, green and green-blue.
Required files:  Star

Star TC31
Some textures for Star. Visit pdflives for some cool Star clothes.
Media Fire


Violet Hair textures
 12 Hair textures for Violet hair

Violet Spring textures
 I made 5 spring textures for Violet. There are 5 sets, pink, mint, blue, lilac and yellow.


Star Bikini M&M
 ...and a lot of mix and mach textures for Star's Bikini by outoftouch


mc6 files for bikini MF

Starlight  for Star
Here is a face morph for Starlight plus 6 makeup, eye, & nail textures. You also get 6 hair textures for Chrisy hair.
Required files:  Star by Littlefox
                 Chrisy hair          
Tested in Poser


Creme Brulee for Star!

Here is my free Velvet textures for Star's Creme Brulee by Little Fox. There are 4 dress textures with two different skirt options.6 Bangles, 5 shoes and 5 Necklase textures, two of these have a gold or silver heart option. There are also 4 hair textures with their roses.
Required files:  STAR 
                 Creme Brulee
Tested in Poser 
I used my Starlight freebie in the previews


TC-49 Dawn

Here are my free textures for the Sanbie TC49 for Dawn  PDFlives 

There are 7 tops, textures, 7 Jackets and 8 Pants textures
Required files:  Sanbie's TC49 Set




Dusk Casuals-Snugly

Here is a texture sets for the Casual clothes (by Sanbie) for Dusk. There are a grey pants with a cream fisherman's rib sweater, a soft turquoise blue sweater and darker pants, a mint striped sweater with green pants, a red striped sweater with a red pants, a wine & black sweater with a dark wine pants  and a black & red set all with matching shoes.


A cute texture set for Lilbit
Required files:  Lil Quackers Overalls by Evilinnocence

                            Lil JeanZ only the shirt by karth

                            Lil JeanZ-skirt by karth

                            Lil Sandals by Lady Fae

This is set 1
There are 4 textures for each item.

 Sanbie's TC 39 for Dawn and G2F
I made my textures for Dawn and it is zipped for Poser. You need Sanbie's file. you can get it at PFD Lives


Sabsine & High Heel-textures

3 texture sets for Sabsine Dress  and High Heel by P3D 

You need:

Sabsine Dress

High Heel by P3D
Cookie School girl textures

I made 4 texture sets for Cookie's schoolgirl shirt and skirt 1 & 2
Schoolgirl Shirt by Evilinnocence
Schoolgirl Skirt 1 & 2 by Evilinnocence
Sanbie's texture challenge 38 for Mavka.
Hosted by Sanbie at PDF Lives
I made 6 texture sets. MF 

I have some cool textures for Cosmic Cookie 

13 Dress styles with hip and shoulder rings
13 hair rings to match the dresses
11 cosmic toon hair colours

Needed Files:
Cookie, Cosmic Hair by EvilInnocence
Cosmic Cookie by EvilInnocence


and Joni

Joni is a new character for Cookie. She can be sweet, sophisticated or a futuristic space girl.

 Needed Files:
Cookie Dough


Today I have some textures for Lil Bit's Fancy Fins and also a character called Lil Pearl.

Required files:  Lil Bit

                        Fancy Fins

Here is my free textures for Lilbit Fancy Fins. There are 9 sets.

I also created a new character called Lil Pearl.

She has 9 mermaid make ups, light and dark lashes, 7 eye colours and 7 nail colours.


Some Textures for Flare Cutie

I made some textures for  Flare Cutie by mamomamo (mamota)

Required files:  Flare Cutie Set

 Media Fire

Cookie Overkneezz and SisSweater textures.

I just love Cookie so I made some textures for her favourite clothes made by Karth. Here are 5 textures each for SisSweater and OverKneezz

Textures in: Blue-lilac, Green-yellow, Pink-blue, Orange-yellow and Yellow-green.

Needed Files:

Cookie, SisSweater by karth

Cookie OverKneeZZ by karth

 Download link

TC 28

 Hosted by Sanbie at PDF Lives
Required files:  Sanbie's TC28 Dress for Pippin

I made 3 textures for the dress, shoes and socks.

Mavka Day Break Denim

I made some Denim mat's for the free Sanbie's Mavka-Day Break Set at PDF Lives
  Here is my free textures for the Sanbie Mavka-Day Break Set

TC 9
 Hosted by Sanbie at PDF Lives
Required files:  Sanbie's TC9 Set, Mavka Dress and Boots


There are 6 dress textures with matching boots and stockings.
 You can download my free texture set  here or at PDFLives

TC 6
 Hosted by Sanbie at PDF Lives
Required files:  Sanbie's TC6 Set, V4.2 ++ Morphs and A4

There are 2 dress textures and 4 top textures
You can download my free texture set Summer Ice here or at PDFLives

I also made a second set with 8 dress and 9 top textures. The download link

TC 5 

 Hosted by Sanbie at PDF Lives

Required files:  Sanbie's TC5 Set, V4.2 ++ Morphs and A4

 You can download my free texture set Summer Ice here or at PDFLives


  1. Thank you so much! Everything is just adorable. I just grabbed a few Star items. I must find the outfits at Daz now. You are just amazing how you create such lovely things.